How to maintain and clean fashion shoes

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Fashionable sneakers can be consider an item that almost every young man and woman have at home. Because in addition to sneakers, they are easy to match. Goes with a variety of clothes. Sneakers also increase comfort in doing various activities, especially if they are fashion shoes of good quality. The more flexibility in movement. Ready to fight in every situation And with the daily routine of teenagers like us who have to fight every day. The more you need good, quality sneakers or fashionable shoes to increase your confidence and be ready to do new things every day.

Fashion shoes need to take care of and clean the materials use to make those shoes properly : Report by

1.) Shoes made of leather There are many types of shoes made from leather, including cowskin, sheepskin, suede, and patent leather. Each type and type of leather needs to be taken care of. And cleaning is different and can be separate into 2 types as follows.

  • Suede shoes or velvet shoes fashion shoes This type is quite difficult to take care of. When there is a slight stain, you should use a special brush specifically used to clean leather shoes. And you should brush off that dirt gently. It is not appropriate to scrub or wipe the soles of the shoes vigorously because it may damage the shoes. Next, use a cloth soaked in warm water to scrub the stain. And I emphasize that only warm water must be use. If you can’t use cold water, it will destroy the color of your shoes.
  • Patent leather shoes Fashionable shoes that are patent leather are shoes that are shiny and eye-catching. When dust or dirt occurs on the surface of the shoes, you can use a damp tissue paper to check and clean the soiled areas. Next, apply patent leather shoe care cream again. To keep the patent leather shiny regularly, then use a spray to prevent the leather from drying out and reduce cracks on the shoes again. As for the treatment, it should be kept in a box that is not damp. Good ventilation Including separating patent leather shoes from other shoes because this patent leather absorbs color very easily. For this reason, it is best to keep them separate. But if you need to store them together with other colored shoes, you should find paper to wrap the patent leather shoes in.

2.)Fashionable shoes made from cloth Most of which are sneakers. Even though sneakers are shoes that you will love to wear outdoors. I don’t pay much attention to anything. But once worn, it should be clean of dirt well and store as well. Especially if the sneakers are white or light colored, they need to be clean properly, otherwise they may cause stains or mud stains. For maintaining fashionable canvas shoes, we can wash them using a soft brush or an old toothbrush. Can be wash with mild soap or fabric. After washing, you should wrap it in tissue paper and then let it dry in the sun. This method will make your sneakers especially free of yellow stains. White canvas shoes.

3.)Plastic shoes are fashionable shoes. That are produc with plastic materials, such as fashion shoes Most of the ladies’ general items are made of plastic. The characteristics of shoes made from plastic are that they are resistant to weather conditions, especially in the rainy season. No matter how much rain falls, there will be no slips and falls. The heel definitely won’t break. Therefore, once a stain is create, it will be much easier to wash away. You can say that it is fashion shoes The easiest thing to care for among other types of shoes is that you can clean them with a damp cloth and check the stains. Or if they are very dirty, you can use a brush to scrub gently and that’s all. It will disappear easily. As for treatment, shoes should be drier first and then store in shoe boxes in pairs.